My tricks world

​Hey guyzz……

This is *Tech fReak* here…!!☺😊
My tricks available are…..

* Facebook Hacking

*WhatsApp Hacking

*Carding(Free Shopping)

*Unlimited 3g Internet

*Limited 3g Internet(Airtel Only)

*Website Hacking

Other tricks are also available:

1,Auto liker

2,Auto comments

3.Any app loot trick(like mcent)

4.WiFi hacking

5.Free internet trick

6.Mcent Online refer

7.Unlocking phones forget pattern

8.Unlimited fake gmail accounts

9.Unlimited fake fb accounts 

10.SMS bombing

11.Call bombing 

12.40+ whatsapp in single mobile

13.Single name fb id

14.Blank name fb id

15.Gost fb id

16.Fake fb id

17.Fake government proofs

18.Using game hacking

19.Using net in any sim

20.Usinh any 2 apps in same device(like using 2 fb in one device)

21.Creating a blog

22.Creating a website for free

23.Getting free .tk,.ml etc domains

24. Frnd k mobile ko hang krna


26.Carding(buying products at free)

27.Stylish name id

30.Registering WhatsApp using foreign no.

31.Earning 1$ just by singing up

32.Photo verification

33.Creating fake WhatsApp chat

34.Unblocking Airtel sim

35.Free net trick in PC (Airtel only)

36.Tracing any mobile no.

37.Increasing ram of any mobile

38.Mobile root

39.Mobile unroot

40.Getting products worth 350+ free

41.Wireless hacking

42.Unlimited recharge trick

43.Unlimited mcent

44.Unlimited taskbucks

45.Play store hack(paiso walli cheez free m dwnlod krna)

46.In app purchase bypass krna

47.All apps mods are available

48.WhatsApp with USA no.

49.Getting 200+ requests in a day

50.Carding(buying products at cheap,ex iPhone 6s at 20000 New sealed)

51.PicsArt hacking

52.Professional editing

53.Getting any software serial key

54.COC hacking(most awaited trick)

55.Seeing last seen of the person who blocked you on WhatsApp

56.Enabling blocked download of a WiFi

57.YouTube tricks

58.Downloading YouTube videos without any downloader

59.Computer tricks 

60.Android tricks

61.Android all secret codes

62.Hacking and remotely controlling anyone PC

63.Playing computer games on Android

64.Highly compressing a file

65.Creating a dangerous virus

66.Creating virus to prank your friends

67.Cool Notepad Tricks

68.Facebook phishing page site

70.sending unlimited SMS to your frnd to prank him/her.

71.sending unlimited calls to your frnd to prank him/her

72.Paytm carding method available.

73.Amazon carding method available.

74.Flipkart carding method available.

75.Free calling

76.BMS carding

77.Paytm carding

78.Snapdeal carding 

79.EBay carding 

80.Myntra carding

81.Free calling (unlimited)
*Many more tricks waiting for you……..Just msg mee on WhatsApp to get any of the trick–>9663478781


~Note : I sell live cc’s at cheap rate…ib mee if u want…~
Now don’t try to copy it and rip others..
~Only some tricks are free~ and others are paid.If you have any quiries feel free too ask anything,anytime.
*Also Filling up myntra wallet Nd selling mthd of flipkart Nd myntra wallet carding*
Paytm through paytm only.

Time wasters GO TO HELL…!!
*100% legit

*100% refund if trick not working.

            Thank You



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