How to Get Paid Apps for Free With and Without Jailbreak – iOS 9 & iOS 8

Everyone who has an iPhone, iPod or iPad use their device for multiple things. We use it for Mailing, Social Networks, Music etc. All these tasks would not be available without App Store Applications. We all use Apps every day on our devices. There are a lot of great free apps in the apple app store, but still thepaid apps are the best ones out there. Today I will learn you how to get paid apps for free from the App Store.

This guide will be focused on two parts. The first part is focused for Non-Jailbreak Users running iOS 8 &iOS 9 and the second part is focused for Jailbreak Users running iOS 8 or iOS 9. So, this guide will be for Jailbreak and Non-Jailbreak users out there. Even if you are a Non-Jailbreak Users, you can get paid apps for free. Just read this post until the end.

How to Get Paid Apps for Free Jailbreak Users iOS 9 & iOS 8

One of the main reasons why iOS Users Jailbreak their devices is because they want to get extra Apps, Games and Tweaks that Apple doesn’t allow in their Store or are Paid. So, to get this for free when you are jailbreak user is pretty easy. Actually, there are a lot of websites and Apps that provide this service but I will tell you three the most important and the most popular out there and all three of them support all Apple Devices.

1. AppAddict

AppAddict is one of the best cracked apps Store out there. They have a website full of content, great support and a forum for help. They also have an iOS App for Jailbreak Users with all paid apps for free. Click the link down below to read the complete guide how to download and install AppAddict in your device.

2. AppCake

AppCake is almost the same as AppAddict. They offer the same service, with a website and iOS App with full of Free Applications. They service is kind of more stable. To read the full guide how to get AppCake in your device, click the link below.

3. vShare 

vShare is again kind of the same as the two previous ones. They offer the same service, and all three of these websites are the best alternatives to each other and no one can choose the best. Click the link below to read how to download and install vShare in your device.

How to Get Paid Apps for Free Non-Jailbreak Users iOS 9 & iOS 8

For all Non-Jailbreak Users, who don’t want to jailbreak their device for different reasons, there are several options to get free paid apps in your device. All these options work without jailbreak and are secure and easy to use. I will try to explain all these options in this post. To make any of these methods work, you will need an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch running iOS 8 or iOS 9 and a working internet connection.

Method 1

The first method to get free paid applications is provided by Apple. Yes, by Apple. We have all heard and used this method. It is called ” Free App of the Week ” and is in the Official Apple Store every week. So, Apple gives us a free paid application every week in their official store. Don’t miss this deal. Most of the time, this app is a popular and famous app and you should grab it as long as it is presented by Apple as ” Free App of the Week “. After one week, it will be listed as paid again.

Method 2

The second method for Non-Jailbreak Users is todownload cracked apps. Cracked Apps most of the time don’t work on non-jailbreak devices but if you find some special cracked apps they will work. You can download cracked IPA files and install them into your device. To find working cracked files in non-jailbreak devices is hard and you should read introductions to understanding how to install them. You can find cracked IPA file in different sites, such as AppCakeAppAddict etc.

vShare also support non-jailbreak users and they app can be installed in a non-jailbroken device, but still some of their cracked apps don’t work. Click here for the full guide how to download and install vShare without Jailbreak.

Method 3

The third method is with some specially developed apps & websites who give you all the paid apps which go free for a limited time in Apple Store. They gather all the free apps for a limited time and tell you how to get them. AppZapp is an iOS App, which offers details of apps that are on sale or free. You can filter to show only the type of games and applications you are interested. The AppZapp also shows you star ratings for offers, so you will know if they are worth downloading. FreeAppMagic Daily is an AppZapp alternative but the quality is lower than the first option. AppShopper is also almost the same as AppZapp but it is a website and provides its offers in the website and not into an iOS App. Another website that provides this kind of service is AppSaga.

So, this is the post to learn how to get paid apps for free non-jailbreak users. This is some kind of tricky methods but if you want to get the total freedom to get all applications and games for free, then I recommend you to jailbreak your device,

If you have any problem or question, write it down below in comment section.

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