Get free mobile recharge upto 150rs

Get free mobile recharge upto 150rs

Note: This is working again and even people who have already used it can use it again. Tricksreview had already posted this trick once and yes I am sorry that it didn’t work for all but again this is back with a bang.
So be fast
Get your mobile recharge done free of cost just by sending an SMS.
After sending the SMS, you will get one confirmation
message from LM-Marktr
whether your recharge is successful or no.
How to get free mobile rechargeby Sending SMS?
1. Send an SMS to
with the text
“PLY A Yourname UniqueCode”
2. In place of Unique Code,
just write any random 6
digit unique number eg. 123456 and send the message to 8826671122
3. You get recharge of any
amount starting from Rs. 20.00
4. You may need to try different codes multiple
times since if that code has been used previously by some other person, its not going to work.
If you have free sms then this is a must try for you or else you can use fullonsms, way2sms to use this service. You can also get Mobile 150 rs recharge. The code I used is –

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