Popular Google Tricks


As a World’s biggest search engine, Google is holding many secret tricks inside it.Google have some magical search terms that will blow your mind.So this article is all about Google tricks and secrets.So lets reveal them all.


Search conveniently

You can get your information on Google Search page without visiting any other webpage.Here are the cool Search terms that will make your search more convenient and deliver you helpful information.Try out below terms.

1. Secret Calculator

Google made your calculation work easy by adding secret calculator inside the search results.Now you can do your calculations without leaving your Browser.Just open Google and search for ” Calculator ”  and stylish calculator will appear on the search result page.

 2. OK Google

Now you can search anything on Google by just saying “OK Google“.To use this feature you must allow Google to use your Microphone.This is one of my favorite because i can search anything without touching my keyboard.To enable that feature you must click on Microphone sign in Google Search bar.

3. Countdown timer

You can set timer of your choice by just typing “Set Timer” in search bar and then hit enter.Timer will appear to you and you can now set timer of your choice by clicking on it.When timer will over a sound will be played by Google.

4. Do comparison

Are you health conscious? Then this is specially for you.This awesome Google feature help you to do a comparisons with Foods like how much fat and calories that contains.You can do it by searching “French Fries vs Burger“. This is coolest feature of Google.


5. Do Conversions

You can convert anything like currency,Math units and even more.Just type your value like this “cm into inches” , “meter into feet”,”Dollar into INR” or whatever you want to convert.

6. Google Number Speaker

Can you speak that number 444465148245? Its really tough but Google can tell in just a sec.Just type your number in Google like this way “444465148245=English” and Google will tell you How to speak that number.


7. Sunrise and Sunset times

Know the times of Sunset and sunrise in your city by just typing “Sunset California” or “Sunrise California“.You can replace California with your country or city.

8. Translator

Translate your words or sentence from one language to another in very simple way.Just type in search bar like this way “English to Spanish“.Just choose languages and write words you want to translate.

9. Find Sports Schedules

Its easy to find the schedule of your favorite Sport.Type “Football Schedule” and get the schedule about running tournaments of Football.You can even get live scores of running matches by typing Score instead of schedule.

10. Live Webcams

Watch the live CCTV camera footage from different areas.Type “inurl:view/view.shtml” and you will get results for live webcams only.This one is best for enjoyment and time pass for a while.

11. Find Name of Movie Actor

Get information about star cast in your favorite movie by typing “Cast: Furious 7” and you will get the results of all the star cast of movie with their pictures.This is the awesome way to find the name of your favorite star in movie.



12. Get Definitions

Find the exact meaning of your word at search page without going anywhere.Just type your word followed by the term “Define”.See example if you want to define Burger type “Define Burger” in search bar and you will get your answer.

13. Distance between Cities

You can easily find distance between two cities and also the estimated time to reach their.Type “Delhi to Chandigarh” and it will tell you all information like Distance,Time,Way to travel and more.

Google Search Tricks and Google I’m Feeling Lucky Tricks

Google can do lot more tricks for specific search terms and some are really amazing.Have a look below.

14. Barrel roll

You can rotate Google by this trick.Just type “Do a Barrel Roll” in Google Search and hit enter and then Google will take one rotation and you can do this many times.This is just for fun and you can make your friends astonished by doing this.

15. Tilt

Type “Tilt” and hit enter in Google search and you will see the Google search result page will be tilted by small angle.This is just for fun nothing special.

16. Flip a coin

Flip a coin is awesome way to toss online if you don’t have coin in a pocket.Type “Flip a coin” in search bar and click “I’m Feeling Lucky” button.It will take you to the awesome virtual coin and you can toss with it by clicking on it.See the picture for help.


17. Google Gravity

This is much popular trick of Google.This works when you search for ” Google Gravity ” and click on “I’m Feeling Lucky” after that objects on the page will start falling down due to gravity and you can play with it by dragging them.


18. Google Sky

Actually this is not a trick but interesting thing created by Google.Just like Google Earth you can travel to the sky in between stars.To do that just type “Google Sky” and click on I’m Feeling lucky.

19. Blink HTML

Typing  ” Blink HTML ” in Google search will Blink all the words “HTML” on search page and search page will look so amazing with that Blinking words.

20. Google in 1998

If you haven’t seen How Google looks like in 1998 then you can experience it live.Just search for ” Google in 1998” and then Google will display its old look that was on 1998.See how Google logo looks like. 😉

21. Google Sphere

Search for ” Google Sphere

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