[Image: 2iuqset.png]

[Image: 2mecwh1.png]

Features :
– No out of sync mod
– Infinite gems (achievements)
– Easy xp grinding
– No obstacles
– Power ranking button
– You can build all buildings x99 times (some exceptions)
– You can build 9999 walls
– You can build a goblin hut
– Champion league icon (haven’t found a way to edit trophy amount even graphically)

How to use :
– Delete your old clash apk (don’t do this if you don’t have a backup on google+)
– Install the modded apk
– Do the tutorial

The tutorial can be very glitchy and hard/long to finish if you are stuck at the second tutorial raid (20 barbarians) , create the barbarians , wait 10-15 seconds and close the game for the server to save barbarians.Reoppen the app and try to finish the tutorial

– Now you can play around with gems ‘n mods , but remember that the changes will disappear if you close the game !

Download link :

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