About The App -CreeHack.

CreeHack is an android app to bypass In-App purchases fron google playstore. Using this app, you will be able to purchase all Coins, Gems, Levels,Lives etc for free and also make trial verion apps to full version.

How It Works?

It contains an inbuilt free card, which can be used on Google Play. So whenever you attempt to buy something (Like gems,coins,life etc),creehack hijacks the process and completes the purchase with its inbuilt card. You dont have to spend a penny!

No Root Required! Works fine in Non-rooted Devices also.

CreeHack doesn’t need root access and unlike Freedom App it works well in non rooted devices also. This is one of the major advantage using CreeHack over Freedom.

Features of CreeHack

  1. Unlimited In-App Purchases
  2. Bypass any App Payments
  3. Works with all apps even those which are not supported by freedom.
  4. More devices added
  5. No Root Required!

Instructions To Use.

Download and Install CreeHack app.
Tap on Enable. It will run in the background.

Open any App which requires In-App Purchase

Tap on the Pay option and the Google Play Payment Box appears

Just click the Pay and Boom! Payment Successful.

Enjoy the Free Games. Here is a list of apps that can be hacked using CreeHack

Disclaimer: Author is not responsible for any damages caused by using CreeHack App. This tutorial is meant for educational purpose only. If you like the apps respect the developer and consider paying for apps.

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